Online coaching platform

Sell and deliver courses online, build coaching programs, manage training and monitor results.

Online coaching software

Train your clients online with Flora business coaching software

Online coaching storefront

Sell courses on your personal marketplace

Simply upload your courses and materials to Flora LMS and they will be available for purchase 24/7 on your personal digital marketplace. Flora accepts payments through a credit card or online payment system.

Build online coaching programs

With Flora, you can build multi-chapter coaching programs from separate learning materials. Plus, you can add assignments and establish rules and deadlines for course completion.

Online coaching formats available
Performance tracking software

Monitor training results

Flora’s reports make it easy to track your clients’ progress. You can keep an eye on who takes what courses, how well they score on tests and how much time they spend learning.

Streamline your coaching with Flora LMS

Provide feedback

While your learners are taking their courses, they can ask you any quick questions right in the LMS. Plus, you can contact them to make sure they’re getting along well with everything.

Give assignments

Create assignments and include them in your coaching programs. You can also set the system up to send you a notification every time someone completes an assignment.

Engage with gamification

For each course, you can create various achievement badges to engage learners, drive better performance and encourage them to take even more courses with you.

Award certificates

Once a learner successfully completes a course, Flora LMS automatically sends them completion certificates. You can use a default certificate or upload your own.

Online coaching platform to grow your profit

Discount coupons

To attract more clients and maximize profit, you can create different attractive promotions using Flora’s discount coupons.

Flexible pricing

What’s great about Flora’s pricing is that you only pay for active users, no matter how many people are registered with the LMS.

No transaction fees

No matter how many courses you sell, we don’t charge any commission or transaction fees. You only pay for your subscription.

Start selling courses with Flora online coaching platform