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Under the Users tab, you can:

Here you can view the users’ logins and organizations, the date of the course assignment and the due date if there is any, and check how the user is progressing through the course (the course status). 

To enroll users into the content:

  1. Click Grant access to user

  2. In the opened window, start entering the name, last name, login, or email of a user and left-click the matching option.

  3. If you can’t locate the needed learner, use the Advanced Search option.

    Here, the following filters are available:
    • Organizations
    • Group
    • Country
    • Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Login

    Assign the learning path to users belonging to a specific organization and/or group.

    Filtering by other parameters works the same way. Sort users by a specific value and assign them the materials to pass. 

  4. To remove a user from the list, click the cross next to their name. If you want to empty the list completely, click Delete All.

  5. The next step will appear in the window only if the course is paid.

    Once you proceeded to Purchase, specify the date when the student made the payment and leave a comment if necessary. This option comes in useful if a learner made the payment outside the system, let’s say paid you in cash.

  6. As soon as the users' list is ready to go and the payment date is specified, hit the Grant access button.

To unenroll a user or multiple learners from the course:

  1. Select a student or multiple learners in the list and click Cancel access in the upper menu.

  2. Finally, confirm your decision to unenroll in the Access withdrawal window.

Look how you can search for a specific user in the list. All that you need to know is their name, login, or email. 

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