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Flora LMS is an online platform which is designed to sell courses all over the Internet.

The most prominent feature of this product is the Marketplace — a powerful storefront which presents your content to potential learners.

Before you start selling courses, you will need to upload content to the account or create it right in Flora LMS. It’s not that complicated as the admin portal is designed so that no programming skills are required to add courses from PC, create free-form assignments or set up complex learning paths consisting of multiple chapters and content items.

Your students can be either added manually by yourself or may sign up on their own. Apart from learners, you can build a team of assistants who will help you in managing users and courses. To do this, you will need nothing but assigning certain users to the roles of Administrators, Organization Administrators, and Publishers.

Another useful feature available in Flora LMS are instructors who may be appointed to any course. An instructor is a person who can be asked any course-related questions and will assure a full understanding of the content studied by your learners.

Next, think of structuring your learners. Groups and organizations are entities which get together people with similar educational interests or level. This makes it easier for enrolling learners into courses and tracking their results with reports.

Setting up a Flora LMS account involves not only uploading content and adding users. You may also want to configure its settings which include branding, security, billing, and many other parameters.

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