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Flora LMS offers you a unique opportunity to advertise your courses, share them with the entire Internet, and even sell your content online. 

The Marketplace is a webpage that's visible to all users, no matter if they're signed up to your Flora LMS account or not. That's what your virtual storefront will look like.

But first of all, make sure you have enabled E-Commerce in your settings. Also, remember to connect a payment system to your account and choose a currency to display the price. 

Add your courses, learning paths, or assignments to the Marketplace. It's quite easy and can be set under the E-Commerce tab on the material management page. In the same place, you can specify whether your course will be distributed for free or if you're going to sell it.

And, last, but not least: don't forget to check the structure of the Marketplace, set up categories and parameters, add coupons and choose a course to feature.

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