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All users of Flora LMS are assigned to one of 5 roles and each has its own permissions and restrictions. This makes the account strictly organized and takes apart one organization from another. 
Read how to assign a user to a new role in the Assigning Role to User article.

There are five user roles in Flora LMS:

  • Account Owner (AO)
  • Administrator (A)
  • Organization Administrator (OA)
  • Publisher (P)
  • User

Account Owner — a user with the broadest permissions who has full access to account settings, billing information, content, and users.

Administrator — a user who helps the account owner to manage the system. Admins have the same set of permissions as the account owner but don’t have access to billing options and the membership.

Organization Administrator — a user who has a full access to user profiles within their own organization. There, they can add, remove, or edit user profiles that are assigned to the roles to organization administrators, publishers, and regular users.

Publisher — a user who can add/remove content items within the account and assign content to students within an organization.

User — a user who has access to courses assigned to them by publishers, administrators, organization administrators or the account owner. Users also can check their score and see the progress of other users and groups in this organization.

Table 1. User roles and permissions

Changing personal settings (email, password)YesYesYesYesYes
Viewing ContentOnly permittedAll contentAll contentAll contentAll content
Accessing ReportsOnly personal history, reports within their own organization and groups if permittedReports within their own organizationReports within their own organizationAll reportsAll reports
Publishing, managing, and deleting contentNoYesYesYesYes
Managing usersNoNoYes (within their own organization)YesYes
Managing groupsNoNoYes (within their own organization)YesYes
Managing Publishers and AdministratorsNoNoYes (within their own organization)YesYes
Changing account settingsNoNoNoYesYes
Account membershipNoNoNoNoYes




Organization Administrators


Account Owner

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