Online course hosting platform

Easily host, manage and sell training courses online with Flora. Unlimited courses and bandwidth. Zero transaction fees.

Online course hosting platform

How to host your course online with Flora

Course hosting formats available

Upload courses to Flora platform

Flora supports a huge variety of formats, from video, audio, documents and presentations, to SCORM packages, interactive assessments, dialogue simulations and quizzes.

Make your course ready for sale

You can add a detailed description of your course, upload a cover image and set the price. All the course information will be indexed by search machines like Google and Bing, bringing you more search traffic.

Online course info
Online course storefront

Sell courses on your digital storefront

Once your courses are ready for sale, you can put them on your personal online storefront with just one click. On the storefront, your clients can explore and purchase your courses.

Key features of Flora course hosting platform

Course hosting platform

Build learning paths

With Flora, you can not only host your courses online, but also build new step-by-step learning paths from separate learning materials: courses, videos, presentations, quizzes, and assessments.

Award certificates

When a learner completes a course, Flora automatically sends them a completion certificate. You can use a default certificate template or upload your own custom-designed certificates.

Offer discount coupons

Flora makes it easy to generate as many discount coupons as you wish. With coupons, you can create different promotions and special offers to attract even more clients.

Rapid response support team

Our support engineers will promptly help you with any questions by phone, email, or live chat.

Why use Flora for online course hosting?

Control all your data

You have 24/7 access to your platform analytics: registered users, performance reports, and e-commerce reports.

Instant updates

With Flora, you don’t have to install any versions or updates. All new features are immediately available on your portal.

Pay for active users only

No matter what Flora subscription plan you choose, we only charge you for active users who are actually learning.

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