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Fast and easy platform to host and sell educational materials online, assess knowledge and track learning results.

Start your online school with Flora teaching platform

Host and sell courses online

Quickly upload all your educational materials to Flora and sell them on your personal digital storefront. Flora supports video, audio, quizzes, presentations, SCORM courses, and more.

Make learning available 24/7

Learners can easily purchase your courses on the storefront anytime through their credit card or an online payment system. Purchased materials will be available 24/7 via a user-friendly learner’s portal.

Track analytics and revenue

With Flora’s performance and eCommerce reports, you can monitor learners’ results, track how much time they have spent on each course, or keep an eye on the revenue you have made from your online school.

Why sell educational materials with Flora teaching platform?

Full control over user data and pricing

With Flora, you set all the prices yourself and have 24/7 access to the user info and analytics of your online school.

Flexible subscription plans

It doesn’t matter how many people are registered with your Flora online school. You only pay for active users who are actually taking courses.

Discount coupons

You can create various discount coupons to delight your existing learners and attract new clients.

Train effectively with Flora
teaching platform

Build learning paths

You can create multi-chapter learning paths from separate materials, like videos, quizzes, and more. For each chapter of your learning path, you can set up rules and deadlines.

Create assignments

Assign students homework, so that they can submit their completed assignments. Upon receiving their work, you can score them and provide feedback right on the platform.

Award certificates

You can set Flora LMS to generate certificates for learners upon successful course completion. Use Flora’s default certificate or upload your own.

Use gamification

To drive learners’ performance and encourage them to take more courses, take advantage of gamification. For example, you can create unique achievement badges for each course.

Rapid response support team

Our support engineers will promptly help you with any questions by phone, email, or live chat.

Keeping your data and content safe

24/7 monitoring

Our technicians keep an eye on your training center 24/7 to make sure all systems are operational.

SSL protection

Your trainees’ data is 100% secure during login and checkout thanks to Flora’s built‑in SSL certificate.

Instant updates

With Flora, you don’t have to install any versions or updates. All new features are immediately available on your portal.

GDPR compliance

Flora LMS provides full compliance with GDPR and similar regulations.

Start selling educational
materials online with Flora