Sell tutorials online

An easy-to-use platform to sell your video courses, tutorials and instructional videos online. Turn your knowledge into a profitable online store with Flora.

Sell tutorials online platform

Start selling tutorials online in 3 simple steps

Tutorials formats available

Upload your videos, SCORMs and more

With Flora, you can upload training materials in a variety of formats: video, audio, documents, quizzes, and interactive assessments. Plus, unlike most platforms, Flora perfectly supports tutorials in SCORM format.

Add tutorials to your storefront with just 1 click

You can quickly put all your tutorials and instructional videos on your personal online storefront, where visitors can explore and purchase the materials they like, or save something for later in the cart.

Tutorials online storefront
Online tutorials shopping cart

Accept payments from all over the world

With Flora, you can accept payment through credit cards or online payment systems like Stripe, PayPal and The system supports 30 international currencies.

Why sell tutorials with Flora?

Full control over user data and pricing

You set all the prices yourself and have 24/7 access to your online store’s analytics.

Flexible subscription plans

With Flora, you pay only for active users who are actually learning, no matter how many people are registered with your online store.

No transaction fees

You only pay for your subscription plan. We don’t take transaction fees, no matter how many courses you sell.

Promote your video courses and tutorials

Promote tutorials online

Get prospects from search engines

On your storefront, you can add a detailed description for each tutorial and instructional video. All this information gets indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, bringing you new prospects.

Attract clients with coupons

With Flora, you can generate an unlimited number of coupons. Use coupons to create different promotions, discounts and sales, attract more customers, and maximize profit.

Award certificates

The moment a learner completes a course, Flora LMS automatically sends them a completion certificate. You can use Flora’s default certificate, or upload as many custom certificates as you like.

Track performance and profit

With Flora’s detailed reports, you can easily track learners’ statistics and results, as well as keep an eye on your sales.

Rapid response support team

Our support engineers will promptly help you with any questions by phone, email, or live chat.

Keeping your data and content safe

24/7 monitoring

Our technicians keep an eye on your training center 24/7 to make sure all systems are operational.

SSL protection

Your trainees’ data is 100% secure during login and checkout thanks to Flora’s built-in SSL certificate.

Instant updates

With Flora, you don’t have to install any versions or updates. All new features are immediately available on your portal.

GDPR compliance

Flora LMS provides full compliance with GDPR and similar regulations.

Boost your online training center with Flora LMS