Your digital storefront for selling courses online

Easy-to-use software for training providers to quickly host and sell online courses. No technical skills required to start.

Turn your expertise into revenue

Turn your expertise into revenue

All of your courses will be available for immediate purchase on your personal storefront. Information on the storefront is indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, bringing you even more prospective clients.

Upload and sell all the content you have

Flora LMS supports SCORM packages, video, audio, documents, presentations, assignments, and more. You can sell these content items separately or use them together to build step-by-step learning paths.

Provide an awesome learning experience

Provide an awesome learning experience

All purchased courses are available from the learner’s portal in the LMS. Learners can take courses on desktops or mobile devices — say, on their way home or during breaks.

Award completion certificates

When a learner completes a course, Flora LMS automatically sends them a completion certificate. You can use a default certificate template or upload your own.

Track sales analytics

With Flora’s in-depth reports, you can keep track of who takes courses, which content items are the most popular, and how much income you’ve received.

Attract clients with coupons

With Flora, you can generate as many discount coupons as you wish. Create different promotions and special offers to delight your clients and attract even more people to your online school.

Turn your knowledge
into a profitable online school